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Once Upon A Time, Season 2, Episode 12 "Brothers"

Or better title, "Just A Regular Guy"

Belle has lost her memory. A panicked Mr. Gold tires to reassure her it's totally fine that he's able to heal her gunshot wound with magic.

Mary Margaret, Emma and David arrive to find Hook bloodied and still ready to fight Mr. Gold. An ambulance arrives in the speed of light as if it was scripted or something. The paramedics flash a light into the car, but no one recognizes the dude.

Poo. I was hoping for the Sheriff.

Dr. Whale sits at Storybrooke's emergency brooding over a glass of scotch.

We're treated to a black and white flashback. Dr. Frankenstein had an overbearing father who favored his younger brother. Not only was he second choice, but dear old dad, refused to believe in his experiments with cadavers and lightening.

Cora would have understood.

Hook and the crash victim are rushed to the hospital. Belle is put in a room and sedated, freaking out that Mr. Gold is the dude she regularly makes out with. Dr. Whale tries to calm everyone down with a glass of scotch.

Emma interrogates Hook with her fists.


Hook can't help but flirt, but Emma reminds him that he not only pissed off the only guy in town who can use magic, is immortal, but he also tried to kill his chick.

Emma hacks into the car accident guys iPhone; his name is Greg and he seems really boring. Mary Margaret and David worry that other regular people will start coming to Storybrooke.

Bad news for the Blue Fairy because her Head Nun disguise is not fooling anyone.

Also, the Mayor and Cora are missing.

*Rubs hands together*

Dr. Whale announces to the room that Greg, the regular guy, is bleeding internally and may die. He asks Mr. Gold to hocus pocus him back to health. Mr. Gold mentions that since Greg saw him use a little magic he'll blow the whistle on Storybrooke and their town will be in danger.

A long pointless debate ensues; let the guy die and save Storybrooke, or try and save him and see what horrible things will happen.

Really? They're afraid of a regular guy?

Rumpelstiltskin pays a visit to Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. He's interested to know the secrets of reanimation since he only has the power of dark magic. He leaves a pile of gold to help Dr. Frankenstein continue his work.

He utters these last famous words, “Igor, we're going to need a body.”

Wow! If I had a nickel for every time I said that on a Saturday night.

Mr. Gold mopes about his shop, crying into the chipped cup. Cora arrives and offers to help find his son, if he helps her find the mayor.

She brings him a 'magical globe' that will pin point Bellfire's location. She's so sweet and they shake on the deal, and then they kiss.

ARGH! Look away! Oh God, too late. It's like watching a car accident in slow motion.

Dr. Frankenstein digs up a body but is interrupted by his brother, trying to convince him that stealing corpses for science is wrong. A shot rings out from the guy who patrols the graveyard at night...I guess. Both brothers jump into a waiting carriage and escape. Frankie soon notices that his brother isn't very talkative, and that the blood stain on his chest indicates he's been shot, like in the heart...and is now dead.

Emma is concerned when Greg's cell phone keeps ringing. The others are worried that the regular guy's girlfriend will also come to Storybrooke. That means two regular people will be in Storybrooke.

I can't imagine the wild plot lines that will develop.


Emma and the gang realize Dr. Whale has left the hospital. And NOT trying to save Greg, like he promised.

Dr. Frankenstein is upset when his attempt to electrocute his brother back to life has failed. Dear dad arrives and gives a slice of terrible acting, blaming Dr. Frankenstein for killing his brother.

There's more father/son/death issues here than a Tim Burton movie.

Cora sneaks around the Mayors house looking for clues. Meanwhile, Henry sneaks around the cemetery and enters the Mayor's secret vault. She lets him into her room of mirrors. She pleads her innocence, and Henry looks unimpressed. Then Henry turns into Cora.


Dr. Frankenstein is paid another visit by Rumpelstiltskin. He promises him an enchanted heart that will withstand the blast of lightening, all in return for pulling a prank on Regina, making her think her dear Daniel, can be brought back to life.

Cora pleads with the Mayor, that she loves her and understands why she tried to kill over and over again. The Mayor demands that Cora go into town and confess to the kidnapping of Dr. Hopper. She agrees and I really hope something super awesome happens.

Ruby and her wolf nose, find Dr. Whale ready to jump to his death. She catches him in the last second.

Dr. Frankenstein uses an enchanted heart from Storybrooke and animates his brother. Dear old dad is so excited, but he gets too close with the candle. The brother freaks out and attacks the dad, killing him with his fists.

Dr. Whale explains to Ruby that magic always comes with a price. Ruby replies with the best line of the season so far. “I'm a werewolf, I ate my boyfriend.”

Seriously. I'm not kidding.

The Mayor and Cora drive into town. Like any good mother, Cora uses this time to point out that Henry will never be hers as long as Mary Margaret and Emma keep bringing up all the stuff she did as the Evil Queen. The Mayor dissolves into tears, knowing her mother is the only one who can help her get Henry back.

Dr. Frankenstein speaks with his zombie brother, and realizes he is a tortured monster. He brings a gun to end his life, but is unable to pull the trigger. He leaves his brother in a cell.

Gee, kind of a no win situation.

Dr. Whale returns to the hospital and saves Greg, the regular guy.

Mr. Gold brings the chipped cup to Belle, hoping it will bring her memory back. He talks about castles and is insisted it's a magical talisman. Belle, frustrated with the lack of hospital security smashes the cup and asks the ugly old guy to leave.

Emma interviews Greg, the regular guy. She's all worried that he saw some magic, even though magic doesn't exist in Storybrooke—only when it does. But her fears are put to rest when Greg confesses that he was texting and didn't see anything weird.

Mr. Gold uses the magical globe thingy and gets the location of Bellfire. Emma has breakfast with Henry who explains to everyone that Dr. Frankenstein isn't even a fairytale, so if he's in Storybrooke, well, gosh, that means anything can happen.

Mr. Gold arrives and tells Emma it's time to cash in on the favor she promised when he let Cinderella keep her baby.

Yeah, I know. Where is she these days?

Emma has to pack a bag and take him traveling. He promises everyone in the room if anything bad happens to Belle while he's away,  he'll kill them all.

Harsh much?

Meanwhile, Greg the regular guy, calls his honey and let's her know he's stuck in wackoville where magic only exists when it's convenient.

Stuff I Liked About This Episode

Mary Margaret's eye make-up

Hook's stubble.

Cora disguising herself as Henry.

Dr. Frankenstein's brother—Meow!

Stuff I Didn't Like About This Episode

How Grumpy tagged along for no reason.

Cora and Mr. Gold's kiss. *Gag*

How the Sheriff DID NOT show up....AGAIN!


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