Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Top 5 Rejected Titles of NYT Best Sellers

In the heated, competitive world of publishing, a good title is as essential to successful sales as a good cover. It's a common occurrence that publishing houses change the name of a manuscript many times before making a final decision.

But what if...

Here are my guesses at the Top 5 Rejected Titles of NYT Best Sellers.

1. Gone With The Wind Girl, by Gillian Flynn

A historic psychological thriller about a Southern belle who disappears after her family hosts a BBQ for confederate solders.

2. The Da Vinci Sudoku Puzzle, by Dan Brown

A young professor is hunted down by a secret society after he discovers the Mona Lisa was actually a paint by numbers kit.

3. Harry Potter and the Gall Bladder Stone, by JK Rowling

A boy wizard is shocked to find out he's the long lost son of two successful gastroenterologists.

4. Breaking Wind, by Stephanie Meyer

Young vampires in love toy with the dangerous practice of eating baked beans.

 5. Twenty-Five Shades of Black mix with Twenty-Five Shades of White, by EL James

Things get weird with the rollers and bristle brushes in this paint store tryst between a naive inventory clerk and the guy who runs the mixer-machine thingy.


The Casual Friday Vacancy, by JK Rowling

A voyeuristic journey into the back stabbing politics of dress down days at the office.

Can you think of any others?

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Arianna said...

Funny, Des and I were just talking about how annoying titles were and we decided that my next novel would be entitled "UNTITLED". Yep. Such a cute and clever post!


Laila N Mysis said...

GOSH, that was funny x) Breaking Wind - LoL ^^

Awesome, hilarious post ♥

BR Myers said...

Thanks, ladies! UNTITLED, I love it, Arianna.

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

Funny! Love this post- very creative.

Melissa Sugar said...

Humorous post. I loved it, especially number one. I am starting to agree with the comment by, Adrianna. My next novel, might just be titled, "Untitled." LOL. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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