Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Bachelor, Season 18, Episode 7 "Reality Bites, Miami Nights, and Cat Fights"

There are six contestants left. Juan Pablo and the girls return to the States. They take up residence in a swanky suite in downtown Miami.

Juan reunites with his family. He tells his cousin that he thinks Sharleen is the one.


Meanwhile, Sharleen tells the camera that she feels the enormity of how serious things are getting and she's still not sure.

Juan arrives at the suite and invites Sharleen for the first one on one date.

Claire is confused. “Why her?”

Dear Claire,

Juan Pablo thinks Sharleen is elegant. He said you were hot, though.

Juan Pablo takes her on a yacht.

Sharleen says he's not her usual type, but she's definitely attracted to him. “The chemistry is magnetic.”

They have drinks on a beach and they talk about her career as an Opera singer. She says, “I've put my singing before everything for so long, but now I'm ready to let other things take priority.”

Juan Pablo tells us, “From the very first day, I like her.”

They go back on the yacht for an evening cruise. She tells us her heart's all a flutter. HOWEVER, even though being with him feels right, there's a little voice in her head that says it's not right.

Dear Sharleen,

Sorry, that's me. You're too normal to be on this show.

When Sharleen returns to the suite, she seeks out Renee, the resident psychologist. Renee tells her that you can't determine how much you love someone by how much time you spend together, and that she should stick around and see what happens.

Dear Renee,

You're awesome.

Juan Pablo chooses Nikki for the next date. And he takes her to his daughter's dance recital.

Sure, that shouldn't give the kid mixed signals at all.


Nikki is so happy she's about to throw up. “It's not every day you meet your boyfriend's parents, or his daughter, or his daughter's mother.”


We get to see Carmella dance and sing, and we also see Carmella's very hot mother. Every one is all smiles and hugs.

I can't wait for Claire to hear about this!!!

For the evening portion of their date, he takes Nikki to the Marlin's stadium. She's wearing a halter top that looks two sizes too big. They play catch and I'm sure a boobie might pop out by mistake.

They do some kissing and talk about family.

Back at the suite Sharleen tells the other girls she can't take the guilt of staying if she's not sure.

They give her hugs, except for Claire who's busy calling the travel agent to book a flight for her.

Sharleen says, “It's taking all of my willpower to do this thing. I'm aware that I may be making a huge mistake.”

She goes to Juan Pablo's room. “I don't want to take the spot of someone else who is already at that place where they know for sure they want to marry you.”

He holds her while she cries and tells her not to feel sorry for her feelings. She leaves for the airport and Juan Pablo cries to the camera—she was going to get a home town rose.

Dear Juan,

Reality bites, doesn't it?

Sharleen leaves in a cab, weepy but somewhat relieved.

Let be a lesson, girls. If you're normal, do not sign up for the show.

The sun comes up the next morning. Claire is super bouncy on the group date. He's taking the girls to a private beach. Whoever gets the date rose, gets to ...um I don't know, I wasn't listening to the rules that closely.

Chelsea reads him notes that her family sent with her so she wouldn't get so homesick.

Andi gets weepy because she's tapping into emotions that she usually keeps under lock and key. Juan tells her not to worry.

Dear Juan,

It was more fun when the girls were more interested in kissing rather than crying, right?

Claire tells him she's the youngest of six girls. And that her family is the most important thing to her. She talks about how her father made a video for her future husband—a video she's never seen. Juan Pablo nods his head and asks if they can kiss.

It starts to rain. Juan gives the rose to Andi.

This means Juan Pablo has chosen to meet her family and that the group date is over and he'll have the rest of the evening date with Andi.


Claire says to the camera, “What the f*#k am I doing here?”

Dear Claire,

Why did it take you this long?

He takes Andi downtown where they go to a Latin dance club. Juan Pablo can dance. Andi can't. He says, “She smart and sexy.”

Yeah, but not Sharleen.

Back at the suite, Claire and Nikki have the most awkward fight. Neither of them finish a sentence. They say 'like' and 'sh*t' a hundred times. It's stupid.

*Hits fast forward*

Now it's the rose ceremony.

Nikki says, “I just want to be done with this.”

Girl, you took the words right out of my mouth.

ABC wasted the next eight minutes showing Nikki and Claire NOT talking to each other.

The Host gives a speech I fast forward through, then Juan Pablo comes to address the contestants. I fast forward through that as well.

The first rose goes to Nikki, followed by Claire, and the last rose goes to...Renee.

Chelsea is going home.

Juan Pablo gets teary eyed.

I know. You wished Sharleen hadn't left.

Don't cry Chelsea. Don't cry. Don't cry.

Damn it.

She wipes her tears in the back of the limo and says, “It was great to see him so upset.”

And that my friends, is true love.

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Leandra Wallace said...

Yay for Sharleen! We only watched the first episode, but she definitely seemed too normal to be there. Kinda a 'why am I here doing this?' type of attitude. What amazes me are the all-night dates. Is there a guy in the history of the show that refuses to sleep w/them? (or any girls that didn't do it?) It's just so...ucky, that the person who is supposed to be your 'true love' is sleeping w/other girls to see how you all stack up in bed against each other. Just. Ugh.

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