Monday, 17 February 2014

Top Five Things to do When Your Olympic Event is Postponed

Sochi! Land of mountains, fog, beaches, and postponed Olympic events. At least with the fog the down hill skiers can't see all the mud patches and swatches of green.

What's a bobsledder and down hill skier to do?

Don't despair, here are the top five activities for Olympians who have too much time on their hands.

#1. Go to the beach. Seriously. Sochi is a resort town. Wear sunscreen.

#2. Find a Canadian. Where there's a Canadian, there's a party.

#3. Go to the indoor venues where the grass is less noticeable and cheer on the skaters, curlers, and ice cone makers. I know ice cone making isn't an Olympic event, but it should be.

#4. Make out. You may be from different parts of the world and have a different alphabet, but never underestimate the importance of body language. And as far as physiques go, this is probably the best shape your body will ever be in, so go for it.


#5. Learn one phrase in Russian. The most helpful one would probably be, "Where are the Canadians?"


Make a quilt out of all the flags.

What would you do in Sochi?

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