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The Bachelor, Season 18, Episode 8 "Bull Riding, Bullseyes, and Bullying Big Sisters"


There are only four contestants left; Nikki, Andi, Renee, and Claire. And you know what that means? It's the home town date episode!

The first stop is a visit to Kansas City, Nikki's hometown. She takes him to the best BBQ restaurant in town. Yee Haw! And if that wasn't enough fun, she introduces him to mechanical bull riding.

“He made me dance in Korea, so this is pay back.”

Juan does great and she orders them a couple of beers. Nikki tells us she's ready to say the big 'L' word, but for some reason she doesn't feel it's the right time.

Maybe it's the mechanical bull giving you the stinky eye.

Nikki brings Juan Pablo to meet her family. She and her mom hug and cry while Juan Pablo shakes hands with everyone. They sit down and Nikki's dad welcomes Juan to the family.

That was easy.

Nikki's mom is totally on board. Her dad smiles and plays twenty questions with Juan. Nikki's parents trust her and if she wants Juan, they will welcome him into the family.

Duh, you already did.

There's a lot of talk about trust and love and support between Nikki and her parents. The piano plays softly in the background.

Nikki's family seem nice and well grounded. What the heck is she doing on the show?

She cuddles with Juan on the front porch. This would be a good time to say, “I love you, Juan.” Instead she says this, “Okay, good bye.”

She's not sure why she can't say it.

I do. It's because you're sending him to visit another girl he might propose to.

Next stop is Andi's home in Atlanta.

Juan says, “Andi is just...mmm.”

Before she takes him to meet her family, Andi and Juan hit the shooting range.

I won't lie. It was a bit disturbing seeing how accurate Andi was with that assault rifle. She tells us there is no way she can take him home to meet her family if he doesn't get a bulls eye.


Oh dear.

I'm pretty sure Sharleen wouldn't have taken him to a shooting range.

Juan thinks it was a good idea. “Andi was so relaxed after shooting those guns.”

Andi lets us know her family will hold no punches and she's worried.

I'd be worried how many guns were in the house.

On the door is a sign with “Welcome Home Pookie!”

Andi tells us she's almost in love and her family will tip her in the right direction. Andi's dad makes it clear he's not excited to hear about all the dates with all the other girls.

He tells the camera, “They're infatuated with each other, but he's got three other girls in the same position.”

Andi's dad is the staring role of the voice of reason.

Patty, Andi's mom, does the first interview with Juan. He's a little worried until she asks him for a dance lesson. They salsa and have a good time, until 'the voice of reason' shows up with a few questions.

Andi's dad asks the one million dollar question. “What made you go on this show?”

Juan tap dances around that...sort of.

He tells Juan he can't give his blessing until Juan says Andi is the only girl for him. Andi tells her sister she's really into Juan and is close to falling in love. Her sister says she doesn't think Andi is punch drunk love.

Andi is bummed because no one can tell her that she should fall in love with Juan Pablo.

Ding dong. This is common sense calling. If you can't convince yourself you're in love, other people can't do it for you.

Andi tells us, “I think I felt something different tonight. I think I could be falling in love.”

I think you're feeling the beginning stages of herpes.

Sarasota, Florida is Renee's home. She hasn't seen her son, Ben, for two months.

Hold on. She meets with Juan first BEFORE she sees her son. That's stupid.

She waits for Ben at the ball field. When he arrives in his little league uniform, Renee pulls him in to a hug and I get a little weepy. That is until I realize he has to do this reunion with his mom while Juan stands there watching beside a camera man. 

Juan does his best small talk. Then he and Renee take to the stands. I'm sure Ben is loving having his mom and her TV boyfriend hang out in front of his teammates.

On a side note, the coach looked pretty cute. So if things don't work out with Juan...

Juan gets excited about all the sporty stuff he could do with a son.

Um...hello. Your daughter could play baseball too. *grumbles*

All three arrive at Renee's parents. Renee spends time catching up with Ben while her family interviews Juan.

Renee lets her mom know she's in LOVE with him. Her mom is happy she's sure about this dude, and her father says he hasn't seen her glow like this for a long time.

While the car patiently waits, Juan asks Renee what she's thinking. She says, “I'm thinking about a lot of things.”

Poor Juan, no one can say, 'I love you.'

When he drives away, she regrets not telling him.

Sacramento is up next!

“I'm so excited to be here,” Juan says. “When I'm with Claire I always have a good time.”

They hang out in Claire's favourite park. He says he's looking forward to meeting her family so he can see why she is the way she is.

True, dat.

Claire shares how she and her late dad talked about her wedding. She said when he died the emotional part of her shut down so she wouldn't feel pain anymore.

Juan meets Claire's five older sisters and her mother. I think there was a brother-in-law in the mix somewhere.

Her wisest sister takes her aside. Claire starts to cry and says she hasn't been in love since her father died and if Juan Pablo asked her to marry him, she'd say yes in a heart beat.

Juan talks with the other sisters and they are worried about Claire's 'tender heart'.

Claire's other sister, who is probably the most jealous or at least the most fed up with having to deal with a spoiled sister who cries all the time, asks how hurt she will be if Juan doesn't choose her. Plus, she doesn't think the family can give their blessing when neither one of them have said I love you.

Claire's mother stays quiet while the two sisters squabble. Claire cries and says all she wants is for them to be happy for her. The sister says, “I don't think you're respecting Mama.”

There is more bickering and I can't figure out which sister is more crazy.

Can you imagine what the house was like with these girls growing up?

Juan finally gets to talk with 'Mama'. They have a nice chat and she tells him he'd be welcome into their family.

It's time for the rose ceremony.

The girls arrive in their stilettos and push up bras. Claire and Nikki have another five minutes of not talking.

The Host comes out and says words like; gravity, emotional, turmoil, decision...

Juan Pablo thanks the girls for sharing their amazing families with him. He gives Nikki the first rose. Claire gets the second.

Now it's down to Andi and Renee.

The stupid host comes out and reminds everyone there's only one rose left.

Andi gets the last rose.

Juan can't look at Renee without crying. He walks her to the limo and Claire licks her lips. Renee finally tells him she was falling in love with him. But she's happy because this ridiculous adventure has opened her eyes to what she could have.

Juan is weepy and says he has such great respect for her.

Renee leaves in the limo. She wipes away one tear and composes herself. “He obviously shared more meaningful moments with the other girls. I came here to see if I could find love, and I did. I'm very thankful.”

Dear Renee,

You handled that like a champ. I hope you date the little league coach.

Oh my nerves! Another episode tomorrow night! ABC is promising a 'shocking' development. I'm predicting disappointment in the lack of shock.

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