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The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 5 "Making Out, Freaking Out, and Backing Out."

Juan Pablo may be charming the ladies on the show, but he's no Tom Branson. Just sayin...

Another single father looking for love in Downton Abbey.

The remaining eleven contestants are whisked off from South Korea to Vietnam.

Juan tells us he's excited to take things to the next level.

Oh my nerves. When they start talking about 'the next level' you know someone will end up crying.

Kat says, “Korea was beautiful, but this is like...trees, flowers and nature.”

She should work for Hallmark.


The girls freak out at the super fantastic luxury apartment.

Nikki lets us know she wants a one on one so bad. Remember how much crying she did last episode?

Renee gets to go on the solo date. She said it would be perfect if they finally kiss.

This should be interesting. I feel like he's kept her around because she's so good at consoling the other girls.

They go to a market place and it's so humid they're both sweating through their shirts. He takes her to a shop where they custom tailor a dress for her.

Then they stroll along, sample food, shop, take selfies, and talk about their kids. It's casual...maybe too casual.

Let's fast forward to the evening portion of the date. Renee shows up in her custom designed dress.

Juan tells us, “She looks good in that dress.”

Good...not amazing. Interesting.


Renee loves the romantic setting of the restaurant. Juan keeps her talking about her son, Ben.

He says, “She's a good mom. Maybe there is something here.”

Renee keeps leaning in, but he only brushes the hair off her face.

However, he gives her a date rose and a kiss...on the cheek.

They put lighted lanterns in the water and make wishes. Renee wishes for a kiss. Juan explains to us that he's not going to kiss Renee because he respects the fact she has a son at home.

So does Cassandra, but he kissed her!

The group date begins with the girls partnering up to go rowing in circular bamboo rafts. Claire gets the boat with Juan Pablo. He gives her a kiss the first time they get stuck in the vines.


I guess he forgot Sean's rule about not making out in front of the other girls.

They come ashore spend time at a family garden.

Andi is totally bummed at being on a group date. She takes Juan Pablo aside to whine voice her concerns. He tells her, “I want you to be here. Trust me.”

She buys it.

During lunch, Claire spends a lot of time eating one piece of rice at a time. The waiter even asks if she was going to eat anything.

The sun goes down and that means only one thing—drinks and tears. He takes Claire first for some 'one on one' time and the other girls feel like they're on Claire and Juan's private date.

She tells us, “I'm not just here on a world tour. I'm here for him.”

Juan takes her to his suite because he wants to show her how special she is to him. They make out in the pool.

He takes Sharleen for a walk on the beach. She tells us, “It's hard to go from feeling special and singled out to a random face in the crowd. I need to understand that he sees me as a panda in a room full of brown bears.”

Hey, nothing wrong with brown bears.

She had a series of questions for him, but once they start kissing she forgets what she wants to ask him.

One by one Juan Pablo takes the girls away. Andi starts to feel doubtful again, but Juan takes her for a walk. They sit on the beach, watch the waves and make out.

Who will get the date rose?

Juan tells the girls he had great conversations with them all. Claire gets the date rose for “doing things out of her comfort zone.”

What? Eating?

Claire tells us she really wants to swim in the ocean. It's four in the morning so she calls on Juan Pablo. He's ready in two seconds. They make out in the waves.

Hello. Undertow.

Claire decides to really get out of her comfort zone and her bikini. She tells the camera, “Total bliss. You know when a baby giraffe is born with those wobbly legs? That's how it feels.”

Things that make you go, hmm.

Nikki gets ready for her date. She decides to wear a silver headband.

Juan says, “Last night I had a great night with Claire. She's sexy and she's got something that I like. But today I'm ready for Nikki. She's so smart and sexy too. I have feelings for both of them so its hard.”

Hard? *Giggles*

He takes her to a temple and they talk about how excited how excited they are to be with each other. Then he breaks the news they'll be repelling down a bottomless chasm.

What about swimming in the ocean? Maybe some pizza and a movie?


Nikki fights the tears and says she's willing to take risks for love. Then she starts to panic and can't stop shaking.

I'm having flashbacks to Chelsie's bungee jump.

It takes them a hundred years to reach the bottom. Juan lets her rest for a bit and gives her some kissing therapy.

What magic does this dude have in his spit?

Nikki reaches the bottom and gets more kissing as reward. They escape and have dinner in a much nicer cave with candles and huge wine glasses.

They talk about faults and she teaches him how to pronounce pediatrics. She says she likes the innocence of kids—plus she has a huge heart and is super compassionate.

In case you're wondering, I'm a fabulous dancer and I make a mean meatloaf.

Juan tells her, “I like Nikki.” And he gives her the date rose.

In case you're wondering, I like maple syrup.

Nikki tells us, “I feel electrified. Like I stuck my finger in a light socket.”

I feel nauseous. Like I ate too much pizza.

The pre-rose cocktail party is decorated with lanterns. The girls are decorated in tight dresses and stilettos. Claire says she's ready to get out of her comfort zone.


Juan arrives and lets the girls know three of them will be going home tonight. He plants himself beside Claire and she gives the toast. “Here's to finding love and making love.”

Juan tells us, “What am I going to do? I love these girls. It's so hard.”

Hard. *Giggles*

Renee finally gets her kiss. Yay! I think church bells rang in the distance.

Juan monologues to the camera that he regrets what happened with Claire the 'other night.'

He asks her if anyone else knows. She says no. Juan tells her it probably wasn't right but it already happened. So, yeah...


Claire gets weepy and tries to explain her motivation for 'the other night.'

He tells her he wants to be fair to the other girls.

Sounds like somebody has some regrets. Sounds like somebody is trying to back out of something.

But she says it's all about how your heart feels. He says he doesn't want his daughter to see what happened.

Well, then maybe you shouldn't have gone into the water, Dummy.

Claire does her best pout. “I feel stupid and embarrassed.”

He says, “I just want you to know what I'm thinking.”

Claire cries to the camera, “I really try to follow my heart. I only have the best intentions. I didn't want to disrespect his daughter.”

She leaves the party and threatens to 'crawl back in her shell'. Juan follows her.


I can't handle this anymore. *Hits fast forward*

The girls are wondering what all the drama is about. I predict this will be the main topic during the 'girls tell all' episode.

It's time for the rose ceremony.

The Host brings up the fact the mood got tense but that's good because it means they're emotionally invested...it's also good for ratings.

Sharleen gets the first rose, followed by Cassandra, Chelsie (go science), and Kat.

The last rose goes to...Andi.

Going home are Danielle, Kelly, and Alli. To be honest, I can't remember Alli. And Danielle seems to normal to be on the show anyway. I suspect she's was doing research as a psychiatric nurse.

Juan cries while he hugs them good-bye.

Danielle realizes there wasn't a strong connection and she said it was hard to see him cry.

Alli pulls it together and lets us know Juan is special and deserves good love.

Oh, don't worry, Alli, he has.

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