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The Dracian Legacy Blog Tour

 Available February 25th in ebook and March 11 paperback...

At seventeen, Ren Pernell knows the meaning of tragedy.

But then, a year after losing her parents, Axel Knight walks through the door and changes everything. Strange creatures start to appear, her best friend suddenly finds her irresistible, and an undeniable, unexplainable bond with Axel threatens to drive her insane. She knows he’s the key. There’s something he’s not sharing, and she’s determined to find out.

Demanding answers, she finally learns the truth: everything she ever believed is an illusion. Caught in a centuries-old blood feud between races she never knew existed, Ren discovers her true destiny. She’s the chosen one, the Echo, preordained to end the bloodshed.

There’s just one catch–in order to save those she loves and a homeland she’s never seen, she’ll have to die.

With the clock running out, she’ll have to navigate a new world of betrayal, lies and deceit. If she can forgive, finding love even in the darkest places, she just might be able to escape the prophecy. But how much is she willing to sacrifice for a cause she didn’t know she was a part of? And what will it take for her to be free?  
Thirsty for more? No problem, you can read prologue and first chapter for FREE here.

And once you've been hooked, you can order Dracian Legacy on line here.

The lovely and talented Priya Kanaparti was generous enough for a quick interview.

What inspired you to write The Dracian Legacy?

The books I read! It was the authors that wrote amazing stories that I thoroughly loved and felt immersed in and I wanted to create something just as beautiful... magical...

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Not particularly for Dracian Legacy. But as a Dracian series, yes! That life always throws you curve ball and you might feel like you have NO control over it. But truthfully, it's the choices we make that ultimately gives us control over the future. No matter what anyone says.

What was the hardest scene to write (no spoilers!)?
The hardest scene for me to write was the ending of Dracian Legacy! Then the ending of Dracian Origins. It took everything in me and even not writing for several days after both of those scenes were completed!

Which character do you relate to the most? Why?
Oh gosh! I don't know. I feel like I've included a bit and piece of me into several characters. So I can't exactly say it's one or the other.

Outside of family, what was the greatest support while you wrote this novel?
My Critique partner and my Editor! They have been so supportive and encouraging that without those two, I probably wouldn't have made it through the editing process!

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Find your support group that'll help you improve as a writer and don't be afraid to share your writing with them. It's better you being critiqued by your work by a group of people that are passionate about your work before your readers get their hands on your baby!


What did you have for supper last night?

Thai food :)
Is there an actor who you think looks like your MC?
Actor -- Younger version of Jensen Ackles for Axel :)

Vanilla or chocolate?


 As a little kid, what did you want to be be when you grew up?

A neurosurgeon! lol

Last book you read.

King Cave by Scarlett Dawn

Priya lives in the beautiful city of Boise, ID as a full-time working mom and part-time YA Novel Author. For the past 7+ years she has worked in multiple fortune 500 companies and has recently found the passion to read and write. The Dracian Legacy is her first YA paranormal romance series. She strongly believes that true love conquers all and that’s a common theme you’ll find within her novels.
You can find her online at: Blog - Facebook - Pinterest - Twitter



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