Thursday, 5 March 2015

Once Upon A Time, Season 4 Episode 13 "Darkenss on the Edge of Town"

Or better title "Mr. Gold is Smart Everyone Else is Stupid"

Diabolical Plan Part 1

We've been wondering how the ole Dark One was going to finagle his way back into Storybrooke after Belle had banished him in the previous episode, "Heroes and Villains."
It's soon obvious he's going to reunite Ursula, Cruella and Maleficent as part of his diabolical plan.
But this isn't the first time these four have worked together. In a flashback Rumplestiltskin tricks the three dark witches into helping him break into a guarded cave that holds the curse that will give all of them what they want the most—their own happy ending.
Apparantly villains crave this kind of thing. I always thought they wanted revenge, wealth and power, but whatever.
However, after the three witches help him, Rumplestiltskin leaves with the magic, trapping the women with a black winged beast who feeds on the darkest hearts. We now know that Rumpelstitskin gave that curse to Regina which is what sent everyone to Storybrooke in the first place.

Hahaha! Dummies.
Back in Storybrooke, life gets boring back to usual; Henry is at school where Mary Margaret teaches, Emma is the Sheriff again, Regina takes back her title as Mayor, and Granny's pub/diner/Laundromat is still the only place in town to eat/drink/do laundry.
Oh, yeah, and Hook is all sweet for Emma. He buys her coffee and holds her hand.
#1. Since when did the students wear uniforms?
#2. Where did the school bus come from?
#3. And why isn't Granny concerned that Ruby's been missing this whole season????
Meanwhile, Mr. Gold convinces a down and out Ursula to help him track down Cruella. They find her on the cusp of bankruptcy. They all escape in her Rolls Royce and head toward Storybrooke where he promises they can use magic again and return to their evil ways.

Why do people keep trusting this guy?

I'll tell you why. Because Mr. Gold is smart and everyone else is stupid.
Belle finds an ancient spell that will free the fairies from the Sorcerer's Hat, but she's unable to translate. She uses the internet (you know because it's so safe) and luckily an Oxford professor provides her with the proper decoding. 

Regina uses the dagger to work the spell and while she frees the fairies (now dressed in their nuns attire), the dark winged creature escapes as well.
Uh-oh. That can't be good.
Mr. Gold brags to Ursula and Cruella that he posed online to Belle as an Oxford professor and gave her the spell that would free the fairies knowing that the beast would be released as well.

Diabolical Plan Part 2

Seeing his plan to create chaos is nicely underway he has Ursula call Regina on his cell phone. Ursulla lies and says she and Cruella have changed their ways and would like to live in Storybrooke as reformed villains, just like Regina.

Regina refuses to let them in, but when the dark winged creature starts reeking havoc, Ursulla tells her she's faced this beast before, and it won't stop until it finds the darkest heart. This information somehow makes Regina change her mind.

Conveniently, Emma remembers something about the Snow Queen's scroll and they hatch a plan. The creature takes off after Regina and Emma in the little yellow bug. They drive to the edge of Storybrooke and slam on the brakes at the last moment. The creature flies over the border and instantly disappears because magic doesn't exist in our world...or something.
As promised, Regina tosses the scroll over the line allowing Ursulla, Cruella, shh...and Mr. Gold, into Storybrooke: aka, haven for reformed evil doers.

Mission Accomplished!

But Mary Margaret and David are not excited about this development at all. They meet with the two witches and its obvious there is a secret all four share that could destroy Emma.


Mr. Gold brings attention to the fact that it was Emma Swan's heart the dark winged creature was after...not Regina's.

Does the Savior have the potential to become evil?



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