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Once Upon A Time Season 4, Episode 14 "Unforgiven"

Or better title "Revenge...Again"

Mary Margaret and David are feeling too guilty from their dark secret (!) to sleep. David vows to run Cruella and Ursula out of town.

A Way To Fight The Evil Queen

Charming and Snow return from their honeymoon and find the castle is under a sleeping spell.
Malificent, Cruella and Ursula arrive and proposition them into working together to defeat the Evil Queen and her totally wicked curse that will destroy everything.

They say the Tree of Knowledge will grant them the answer, but only the valiant of heart can approach.

Snow is leery of the witches, but Charming says they have no other choice.

New Girls In Town

Storybrooke is giving Ursula and Cruella the cold shoulder. Regina tells David and Mary Margaret to play it cool since 'those two couldn't magic themselves out of a paperbag.'


The duo make their way to the pawn shop and engage Belle in a conversation about her ex-lover. They say Mr. Gold is miserable without magic. Belle fights back the tears and Ursula manages to steal a small box.

Henry keeps looking for clues to the author's identity of the story book. With Cruella and Ursula back in town reminding her of evil times, Regina worries she's ever going to find her happy ending. Henry and Regina discover that Pinocchio's story was written on different paper because August had taken the book apart to write his own story so that Emma would believe and be the savior.

What? *takes Tylenol*

Anyway, since August is dead, murdered by what's-her-name a few seasons ago, they intend to find Pinocchio to see if he remembers how to take apart the book.

Is There A Problem, Sheriff?

Belle alerts Emma and David that a small box had been taken from the shop. They pull over Cruella's Rolls Royce. David searches the trunk and finds a weird pink bauble thing that used to be super important to Malificent. He lies to Emma about finding nothing and lets them go.

David finds Mary Margaret and shows her the pink bauble. Within ten seconds they figure out Ursula and Cruella are trying to resurrect Malificent, and with it, their terrible, dark, super bad secret.

They decide to break into the library's basement to grab Malificent's ashes and dump them in the harbour.

Remember when Emma killed her in one shot. Suh-weet!

While Emma is going over security footage in front of Mr. Gold's shop, Hook arrives with grilled cheese and onion rings.

Aw. He's awesome.

She quizzes him on his past relationship with Ursula. She smiles and keeps prying, but he stays tight lipped. She crosses her arms, upset he won't spill the bean. He leaves.

Regina and Geppetto have words when she pushes Pinocchio too hard about remembering.

He's just a kid, he can't remember being a motorcycle riding, book rewriting, dude.

Into The Woods

On the trip to the Tree of Knowledge, Charming and Snow ditch the witches and find the tree first, but the tree pushes them away.

Maybe they're not as valiant as they think.

The three witches arrive, a bit sore at being duped. Malificent figures out in three seconds that Mary Margaret is pregnant. Even though the child has the potential for great goodness, it also has the potential for great evil and that's why the tree isn't responding to them.

Logic, Storybrooke style.

Who's Sorry Now

Regina pays Geppetto a visit to apologize. He accepts, and gives her a backpack August used to own. Perhaps it will have a clue to help her with the book.

Why didn't he do that in the first place?

When Mary Margaret and David enter the basement of the library, Ursula and Cruella knock them out. Mr. Gold shows up with a knife. "You know what to do," he says, slinking away into the shadows.

Cruella cuts David and Mary Margaret and uses their blood to complete the resurrection spell. The stolen box was just a ruse to get them in the basement. Malificent takes shape in front of their eyes and promises to destroy everyone's happiness.
Emma finds Hook and tells him lying is not cool, but she's okay with whatever he did in the past with Ursula because it has nothing to do with their relationship. "I'm going to do what my parents do. They chose to see the best in people."

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and David are listening.


They say Malificent has been resurrected. Mary Margaret keeps quiet about her dark secret and instead feeds Emma this load of garbage to explain why the three witches are in Storybrooke. "We're heroes and they're villains. That's why they hate us."

Way to teach prejudice, Mary Margaret.

Baby Talk

After the failure at the Tree of Knowledge, Malificent pays Snow White a visit. She says she's pregnant as well, and they should work together to defeat the Evil Queen's curse for the sake of both their children. Snow White refuses to help because she'll never work with a villain again.

Mary Margaret meets with Regina and asks her to go under cover as a villain to undermine the three witches' plan to destroy everyone's happy ending. She tearfully asks Regina to keep her secret. Her big, big, big, secret.

This is it. Oh boy! I can't wait.

She and David are responsible for Malificent losing her baby.


Like losing in the forest or not being born because of the curse?

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold lurks outside the pawn shop and sees Belle kiss that Will guy.

Um. What?

Then we see Malificent take the pink bauble from Ursula. She attaches a piece from her necklace, then shakes it like a rattle and starts to cry.

Oh dear. Revenge will be doubled this season.

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