Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Bachelor Season 19, "The Women Tell All"

Or better title, "Cat Fight"

Grab a mojito and sit back, folks. It's The Women Tell All Episode.

*cue the big earrings and stilettos*


ABC shows all the stuff the girls said about each other, well, just the mean stuff because everyone loves CONFLICT.

Britt Vs. Carly

Britt takes a seat with the host and confronts Carly about all the back stabbing. There's crying and yelling and no one makes a point.


Carly says through tears, "I really could have ended up with Chris if it weren't for Carly."

Kelsey Has A Message For The Girls

The host, "Why do you think the girls dislike you so much."

Kelsey, "I've been told I'm condescending and I use big words. But I just want to be accepted and liked."

Ashley I. wears her emotions on her face. Her emotions are basically, confused, pissed off, and wtf?

Unfortunately, all the girls take turns putting Kelsey down. I have to say I'm impressed with how Kelsey expressed herself against the pack.

Jillian comes to her defence. And when you've got Jillian in your corner the odds are suddenly in your favour.

The interview ends with a lot of silence and sniffling.

Kelsey ends the interview with this. "Going on the show was my opportunity to grow and find love again."

Is Ashley S. Really Crazy?


We're going to finally learn the reason behind Ashley's unconventionally behavior.

The big secret is that she's goofy. "While everyone else is crying and fighting, I decided to pick pomegranates."

The host asks—no he begs her—to go on Bachelor Paradise...whatever that is.

Ashely only laughs. She may be cuckoo, but she's got enough brains to turn him down.

Does Kaitlyn Regret Opening Her Heart?

Kaitlyn says, "It's nice to know that I can love, but my heart is still aching. I think about Chris everyday since I last saw him."

Chris Gets In The Hot Seat


Britt comes up on stage and the audience drops to a hush when they hug.

Chris crushes any dreams corrects any misgivings she might have about his decision to let her go. "I didn't base my decision on what anyone told me. I went with my gut."

Kaitlyn asks him to explain why she didn't have any indication she would be leaving and if he loved her enough, why did he put her through the rose ceremony.

Chris says, "I had no idea what I was going to do at that moment. It was the best I could do."


Jade asks point blank if it was her Playboy photos that had influenced his decision. Plus, she was upset when she read his blog and he'd called her home town date 'disturbing'.

Dear Girls,

If your ex-boyfriend starts a blog, DO NOT READ IT!!!!

Instead, get on with your life.


Aunt Bethany

Chris stumbles through his words, Jade cries, and then they laugh...a bit.

The run the blooper reel and play a teaser for the finale next week and hint at the biggest scandal YET!

Psst...they always do that.

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