Sunday, 29 March 2015

Five Reasons to Keep Writing...Even When You Want to Quit

Self doubt kills creativity.  

I've had my share of moments when I wondered if all the hours upon hours I spent writing would ever matter, and that maybe I had wasted all that time on nothing.

I was wrong. It did matter. Every word mattered.

We all need a little encouragement now and again so I hope this post finds you when you need it the most.

You Should Keep Writing Because ....

#1. The characters you love need you to exist. Do it for them.

#2. If you didn't write you'd be miserable or totally lost or felt like you'd slept too long and couldn't remember what you went down into the basement looking for.

#3. People going through horrible things in their lives need books to escape. Someone, somewhere, someday will NEED your book.

#4. It will be so gratifying to prove the doubters wrong.

#5. Let's face it, you started writing for a reason, so why stop?

No go sit your butt back in the chair and WRITE WITHOUT FEAR.

Why do you write?

1 comment:

Ricky Pine said...

Okay, can we make a motivational poster meme out of all five of those reasons? It doesn't have to be with The Most Interesting Man In The World, even. Someone make a puppy poster with it! :D

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