Sunday, 29 March 2015

Five Reasons to Keep Writing...Even When You Want to Quit

Self doubt kills creativity.  

I've had my share of moments when I wondered if all the hours upon hours I spent writing would ever matter, and that maybe I had wasted all that time on nothing.

I was wrong. It did matter. Every word mattered.

We all need a little encouragement now and again so I hope this post finds you when you need it the most.

You Should Keep Writing Because ....

#1. The characters you love need you to exist. Do it for them.

#2. If you didn't write you'd be miserable or totally lost or felt like you'd slept too long and couldn't remember what you went down into the basement looking for.

#3. People going through horrible things in their lives need books to escape. Someone, somewhere, someday will NEED your book.

#4. It will be so gratifying to prove the doubters wrong.

#5. Let's face it, you started writing for a reason, so why stop?

No go sit your butt back in the chair and WRITE WITHOUT FEAR.

Why do you write?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Once Upon A Time Season 4, Episode 16 "Poor Unfortunate Soul"

Or better title "Poor Unfortunate Viewer"

This was my face during a certain scene in this episode.

Sweet Mother of God, what is ABC thinking? More of that later...

In a flashback we see a young Ursula as a mermaid who is forced by her father (dude from The Ghostbusters!), Poseidon, to lure pirate ships with her beautiful singing voice so they can crash on the rocks, spilling their treasure.

But Ursula soon grows weary of mass murder and confronts her brutal dad. But since his heart has been hardened by the death of Ursula's mom (original!) he tells her as long as she's living in his sea, she lives by his rules.

Knowing the only way to walk away is with legs, Ursula steals a giant plastic bracelet from his vault so she can live on land, singing her heart out like it's the American Idol finale in pubs for drunk pirates.

*enter Hook*

Cap'N Sexy Eyes is quick to offer her passage on his ship.
But before you can say, heave-ho, Big Daddy and his Triton show up. He strikes a deal with Hook to give him squid ink that will defeat Rumpelstiltskin if he steals Ursula's singing voice with a conch shell.

How does Poseidon even know Hook wants Rumpelstiltskin/The Dark One dead? Is there a gossip magazine in the Enchanted Forest or something?
Mental Note: Hook has squid ink that can kill Mr. Gold

Meanwhile, in the race for a happy ending, the Dark Witches (with the help of Mr. Gold) are torturing a newly grownup August, or as his friends call him, Woody. They need to know who The Author is so they can go torture the author to write them a happy ending.

Why? Because everyone knows the only way to get a happy ending is through torture as opposed to like maybe going out into the world and having a life.

August has to endure his painfully growing, extending, wooden get the picture...nose towards the fire as Mr. Gold laughs.

Can you imagine the jokes in the special effects room?
Regina is pretending to be evil, but manages to get a message to Emma by taking over Mary Margaret's body. It was creepy hearing Regina's voice come out of Mary Margaret, but no creepier than August's nose inching further and further...

While this is going on Hook seeks out Ursula and lifts that eyebrow of his and says he's on to her happy ending and he can help her as long as she does him a huge favour. Nothing big, just opening a portal to fish his ship out of the sea.

Before you can say calamari, Ursula slips one of her tentacles into Storybrooke's harbour and is able to penetrate into another portal.

Mental Note: Things that can open portals

#1. Magic Bean

#2. Mermaids

#3. Spells (but only certain spells at certain times)

#4. Tentacles

Ursula retrieves the Jolly Roger, but it's tiny and in a glass bottle.
WTH? When did the Jolly Roger end up in a bottle?

Anyway, the ship is quickly transformed to its original size. Hook hands over the magic shell that contains her singing voice, but it doesn't take. So the natural reaction is for Hook to pull a gun on Ursula. He's so charming!

Ursula throws him overboard.

Back in the past, Hook was super keen to have a sexy singer on board, he even told her about Poseidon's offer, which he was turning down because why did he even need squid ink at that point in his life?

But Big Daddy shows up on the ship and is super MAD! Hook then realizes he really does need squid ink and steals Ursula's voice after all of that.

Ursula was so miffed she did the only thing a teenage daughter can do to retaliate against authority figures...she turns her mermaid tail into eight slimy tentacles.

Dad is disgusted or heartbroken or wishing he was part of the new Ghostbusters movie.

Emma and the rest of the 'heroes' bust into the cabin to save August. But soon, Mary Margaret is being strangled by Ursula. When all hope is gone, Hook stumbles in, saying he was rescued by Ariel. Not only that, but she slipped through the portal and brought back Poseidon.


Because he has the magic shell with Ursula's voice. After thirty years, he's ready to set things right.

And maybe get a new breastplate.

The reunion is tidy and quick. Ursula gets her singing voice back, but unfortunately this probably means she's off the show.

Or at least until that squid ink thing comes up again.*wink wink*

Mental Note:

If mermaids can cross through portals between worlds why did The Dark One go to all the trouble to groom Regina to manipulate her into casting the curse? Why didn't he just hire a mermaid to take him to find Baelfire in our world?

*gets headache*

Also, Regina had a dream about killing Robin Hood. She confides in Emma and asks if she could find his address and maybe follow him on snapchat.

Hook takes Emma aside and tells her she's his happy ending. Happy ending?

Dear ABC,

We get it. You have a penis thing going on this episode.

*wonders how many weird spam comments will be generated by having the word penis in this post*

Before she exits stage right, Ursula tells them, “Head's up, this is the super secret master plan: The Author can’t give villains their happy endings while the Savior is in the world, so Mr. Gold has decided to turn Emma’s heart dark forever.”

Hook is confused (me too). He says, “But Emma will still exist even if her heart is dark.”

And besides, this is Once Upon A Time, the rules don't matter.
Ursula shrugs, “I’m just the messenger.”

If we're still fool enough after three and a half seasons to be expecting some larger plot arc that will tie all this together, then we're just, well...foolish.

I'm purely watching for the next August 'lying' situation.

Speaking of August, he explained that the Author was trapped in the Storybook itself. OMG! The Author is Flat Stanley!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Super Sneaky International Book Tour

BUTTERFLIES DON'T LIE is going overseas, folks!

During my travels this month I'll be leaving the above mentioned YA coming of age, fabulously smashing, sweet romance comedy (phew) somewhere in Europe in an undisclosed public location.

I'll be leaving instructions inside the book.

1. First of all, enjoy the free read!

2. Secondly, pass the book along to a friend or leave it in another public location for the next person to find.

3. Thirdly, please send me a quick tweet or email to let me know where you found the book. A picture would be extra lovely.

How far it will go? How many hands will it pass through? And will it ever find its way back to Canada?

Fingers crossed! This could go on for years ... YEARS!!!

Good luck to Chloe, Luke, Chet, Blaine, and of course Kelsey on their super sneaky international book tour.

Have you ever found an abandoned book?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Once Upon A Time Season 4, Episode 14 "Enter The Dragon"

Or better title "Hook's So Smart"

Mama's Got Work To Do

After Regina's discussion with Mary Margaret she agrees to go undercover. She finds Ursula, Cruella, and the newly reincarnated Malificent, at Granny's pub/diner/Laundromat.

They do shooters and Regina crushes her glass to prove she's still badass.

A young Queen Regina argues with Rumpelstiltskin that he's not teaching her enough magic. Regina has found Malificent's spell book from her mother's belongings and wishes she could be that amazing.

Rumpelstiltskin says Malificent has the power to turn into a dragon because she's so patient, unlike Regina who keeps whining about waiting to learn evil magic to take down little Snow White. So in order to teach her a lesson Rumpelstiltskin sends her to Malificent's castle.

Emma is upset when she learns Mary Margaret convinced Regina to go undercover. Meanwhile, the three witches take Regina for a joyride in the Rolls Royce to reek havoc on Storybrooke.

Meanwhile, Henry uses a magnifying glass on one of the pages August added to the story book. He seems particularly interested in a picture of a door.

The next morning David and Mary Margaret find Regina hanging out by a burned out Sheriff's car. After a night of drinking and property damage Regina tells them she's discovered the three witches are in possession of something very powerful.

The three witches go back to Mr. Gold's cabin. He's intrigued to find out Regina has been with them. He stokes the fires and talks about the 'war' they're going to start in Storybrooke.

Cue evil laugh.

Revenge = Motivation

Back in the enchanted forest, Queen Regina visits a drunken Malificent. She's got nothing to live for since Princess Briar Rose got away. The only bit of magic left is a burning tree still on fire since the last time she was a dragon. She keeps giving herself tiny increments of sleeping potion to take the edge off her miserable existence.

On her way back from Malificent's castle, Regina finds out there's going to be a Royal Wedding, Briar Rose's daughter, Aurora is getting married. She rushes back to tell Malificent and they both trade stories about how rotten their lives are because they can't get revenge. Malificent then confesses she can't turn into a dragon anymore.

Regina takes Malificient to the burning tree where she inhales all that evil magic again.

Could it be that easy?

The King comes along warning her to stay away from Aurora. Malificent does all the choreography but is unable to turn into a dragon and kill them all.


After Malificent fails, the King takes her and Regina prisoner. But Regina starts to fight with her simple fire balls. Malificent is inspired and somehow finds the magic to become a dragon again.


While Aurora combs her hair before her wedding, Malificent shows up, puts her to sleep and the rest they say is history.

The Quest

Back in Storybrooke, Malificent tells Regina that she's looking for the author as well. Regina is all ears since she's eager for her happy ending. Regina runs to tell Emma and the others that the diabolical plan is to use the author to give the villains their happy endings and to take away the happiness of all the heroes.

Emma says she's going to be Regina's backup no matter what they have planned tonight.

Bring it!

While Will and Belle share some chocolate cake, Hook arrives and tells her about the three witches' plan and wants to make sure that Belle is in possession of the dagger. Hook encourages her to get it for him so he can hide it...because everyone knows pirates are great at hiding stuff.

Malificent makes Regina pay a visit to Marco and Pinnochio. She's convinced the little boy can remember something about the author and Regina has to prove she's evil enough to make him confess.

*cough* torture *cough*

After Regina magics Marco and Pinnochio to sleep, Emma shows up and tries to convince her to stop, but Regina is determined to see this through.

Belle and Hook meet. She's worried Mr. Gold might be inside town limits and the dagger is her only protection. Hook suggests that she prove it by summoning him. She does, but no one shows up. She hands over the dagger and drives away.

Hook smiles and turns into Mr. Gold.


Hook arrives at Mr. Gold's shop and tells Belle the dagger is well hidden and they promise to never speak of what they did. He then asks about Will. She says she'll never be over Rumpelstilskin but Will makes her smile.

Malificent takes Regina (and the kidnapped puppet) to Mr. Gold's cabin, and she sees him. When all the villains proclaim to want to find the author, Mr. Gold uses his freaky magic and turns Pinocchio back into August.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Bachelor Season 19, FINALE!!!



ABC promises a shocking turn of events that the whole country will be talking about tomorrow.


They say that every time.

The host reaches a new low when he describes Becca as the virgin from San Diego, as if that's her only attribute.

Dear Women Everywhere,

Please stop signing up for this show.

The show begins with Chris' voice over about Whitney and Becca as he walks around the snow covered town of Arlington. He visits his family for some guidance.

Chris' mom says, "I would love to see him propose, but I don't think he knows what he wants."

Chris tells his family, "Just tell me which one to pick."


Whitney = Gosh Darn Adorable

Whitney is up first to meet the family. She wears plaid and her signature big necklace. She brings wine and flowers because she's a classy chick. "Gosh darn, am I freakin' nervous."
 She's soooo cute. I love Whitney.

She says a lovely speech at the table about falling in love in with Chris and thanks his family for being so welcoming, and gosh darn...she made me tear up!

Stupid show...excuse me, something's in my eye.

Whitney sits down with Chris' sisters and talks about family and how she has no issues about how small Arlington is. She loves that his parents are close by and is ready to be part of the family.

Chris talk with his sisters who are now wearing "Team Whitney" T-shirts. But all he can talk about is Becca and how he's not sure why, but he really likes her.

Chris' sister sums it up best, "You're in this to find a wife, not a girlfriend."

When Whitney leaves, she tells Chris how much she loves him and his family. He kisses her back, but stays quiet.

Becca, the Enigma From San Diego

Chris is dealing with inner turmoil, folks. Whitney is a sure thing, but he can't stop mentioning Becca. She said when and if she falls in love with him, she's ready to move anywhere.

 When or if. If.

Up next is Becca, the virgin from San Diego. Actually, Becca is listed as a Chiropractors assistant.

Becca arrives with cookies! She's wearing a denim shirt. There's another big sit down brunch with the family. They joke about how small Arlington is. The whole table is laughing.

 Chris' sisters sit her down for the serious chat. Becca tells them if Chris picks her it will be a long distance relationship for some time before she is sure she loves him enough to move to Arlington.

Chris' sisters tell him he needs to start asking Becca tough questions. "You're not dating, you're looking for a wife."

Chris says, "How I feel is more important than anything she can tell me."

I think Chris likes Becca because she's not swoony all over him like Whitney.

Dummy. He deserves to be dumped by Becca. She'll drop his mid-west butt faster than you can say frost bite.

Becca tells his mom that she's falling in love with Chris but she's worried she'll lose him if she's not ready to move.

"You have to take risks," Chris' mom tells her. "And you're in charge of what happens with you and Chris not him, he's already there."

Becca tells the camera, "I'm not ready for a proposal."

At the kiss good-bye beside the truck, he tells her how great it was to see her and blah, blah, blah...she says nothing but kisses him back.

Whump. There it is!

Last Call

Before the last rose ceremony, Chris gets to spend more time with each girl.

He meets Becca at a swanky hotel for tough talk. Tough talk for Chris and Becca means sitting on the bed, making out and then saying stuff like, "What do you want? Where do you see yourself in five years?"

"I'm so excited to be with you," she says. "I know there's challenges. I can't make any promises about when I'll feel like I'm ready to move. Maybe it's because I've never felt like this before."

Um, no, Becca. When you love someone you want to be with them, it doesn't matter where they are.

What Chris should really be asking is, "Am I enough to make you want to move to Arlingon?"

Becca says, "All I know right now, is that I want you."

But not enough to move to Arlington, right?

I'm getting a little tired of Becca playing the 'I've never been in love before' card. I think she likes being untouchable.

Chris, dummy that he is, says, "I think we'll figure it out."

Whitney arrives for her final date!

Instead of a swanky hotel, he takes her to his farm to help him harvest.

I'm pretty sure, he never would have chosen this for Becca.

I'm already hoping Whitney will sign up for the next season of The Bachelorette.

Whitney, bless her little soon to be broken heart, is so excited to be riding in his tractor. She says he looks pretty sexy.

Chris tells us he's worked so hard to build a life that he'll be able to welcome in a wife and riase a family.

Right, that's why he think Becca is perfect. 

*rolls eyes*

Whitney goes through his house and says. "I feel like I'm home."

Chris is all polite and big smiles, but superficial.

Poor Whitney. She doesn't even know what's coming.

They have a date that night at the swanky hotel. Chris tells us he's hoping for that a-ha moment. Translation: I wish Becca loved me the way Whitney does.

Whitney then asks Chris to be completely honest with her because this is their last moment to have a real talk before the rose ceremony. He asks her, "Why are you so sure about us?"

She gives him a lovely articulate answer. "The way you make me feel when we're together tells me everything I need to know. I'm ready for a life with you."

Chris responds, "I like being with you right here."

Whitney is starting to figure it out, I think. "As good as I feel about our connection, I have no control over this whole process. But I have to have faith, so I'm taking my heart out of my chest and basically placing it in his hands."

*cries for Whitney*

The Big Day

Chris and the girls prepare for the last rose ceremony...

He mumbles about not getting any clarity. He shaves, puts on his best suit and waits inside the barn for the girls to arrive.

He says, "I'm worried about making a mistake."

Dude, no one stays together. Relax.

Becca arrives in a deep red velvet gown. He welcomes her to his barn. He begins talking about how comfortable she makes him, and how he can see them having a future together.

He stole that line from Whitney!

She smiles. Then he says, "But you're not ready. You are here because I felt it and I wanted it to happen so badly...he cries...but I'm not the guy who can give you what you need."

Captain Obvious nods in agreement.

She says, "We've been so open and honest with each other. You're going to be an incredible husband and father."

For someone else.

Then he walks her out to the limo. "It's all right," she whispers.

Chris does some lower lip biting and gazing into the sunset. He's soon a mess while she's in the limo saying calmly, "If I can't fall in love with Chris, maybe I'm never going to fall in love."

Whitney arrives in her black off the shoulder floor length gown.

She's already nodding and saying yes before he's even said anything. Whitney is shaking, "I've never been disappointed during this entire journey with you. From the very beginning I've always know. I'm so scared right now. I love you."

If he doesn't propose I'm going to beat him up.

He says everything about this moment feels right. And how they want the same things. Then he finally says, "I love you." He gets down on one knee and proposes. Whitney almost passes out.

 Dear ABC,

Where's the shocking twist?     

In the tradition of bad TV, ABC announced that The Bachelorette will have two women and twenty five men who get to pick who will make the better wife.

*Vomits in mouth*

And guess who is signing up? Britt and Kaitlyn. Can you say therapy?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Once Upon A Time Season 4, Episode 14 "Unforgiven"

Or better title "Revenge...Again"

Mary Margaret and David are feeling too guilty from their dark secret (!) to sleep. David vows to run Cruella and Ursula out of town.

A Way To Fight The Evil Queen

Charming and Snow return from their honeymoon and find the castle is under a sleeping spell.
Malificent, Cruella and Ursula arrive and proposition them into working together to defeat the Evil Queen and her totally wicked curse that will destroy everything.

They say the Tree of Knowledge will grant them the answer, but only the valiant of heart can approach.

Snow is leery of the witches, but Charming says they have no other choice.

New Girls In Town

Storybrooke is giving Ursula and Cruella the cold shoulder. Regina tells David and Mary Margaret to play it cool since 'those two couldn't magic themselves out of a paperbag.'


The duo make their way to the pawn shop and engage Belle in a conversation about her ex-lover. They say Mr. Gold is miserable without magic. Belle fights back the tears and Ursula manages to steal a small box.

Henry keeps looking for clues to the author's identity of the story book. With Cruella and Ursula back in town reminding her of evil times, Regina worries she's ever going to find her happy ending. Henry and Regina discover that Pinocchio's story was written on different paper because August had taken the book apart to write his own story so that Emma would believe and be the savior.

What? *takes Tylenol*

Anyway, since August is dead, murdered by what's-her-name a few seasons ago, they intend to find Pinocchio to see if he remembers how to take apart the book.

Is There A Problem, Sheriff?

Belle alerts Emma and David that a small box had been taken from the shop. They pull over Cruella's Rolls Royce. David searches the trunk and finds a weird pink bauble thing that used to be super important to Malificent. He lies to Emma about finding nothing and lets them go.

David finds Mary Margaret and shows her the pink bauble. Within ten seconds they figure out Ursula and Cruella are trying to resurrect Malificent, and with it, their terrible, dark, super bad secret.

They decide to break into the library's basement to grab Malificent's ashes and dump them in the harbour.

Remember when Emma killed her in one shot. Suh-weet!

While Emma is going over security footage in front of Mr. Gold's shop, Hook arrives with grilled cheese and onion rings.

Aw. He's awesome.

She quizzes him on his past relationship with Ursula. She smiles and keeps prying, but he stays tight lipped. She crosses her arms, upset he won't spill the bean. He leaves.

Regina and Geppetto have words when she pushes Pinocchio too hard about remembering.

He's just a kid, he can't remember being a motorcycle riding, book rewriting, dude.

Into The Woods

On the trip to the Tree of Knowledge, Charming and Snow ditch the witches and find the tree first, but the tree pushes them away.

Maybe they're not as valiant as they think.

The three witches arrive, a bit sore at being duped. Malificent figures out in three seconds that Mary Margaret is pregnant. Even though the child has the potential for great goodness, it also has the potential for great evil and that's why the tree isn't responding to them.

Logic, Storybrooke style.

Who's Sorry Now

Regina pays Geppetto a visit to apologize. He accepts, and gives her a backpack August used to own. Perhaps it will have a clue to help her with the book.

Why didn't he do that in the first place?

When Mary Margaret and David enter the basement of the library, Ursula and Cruella knock them out. Mr. Gold shows up with a knife. "You know what to do," he says, slinking away into the shadows.

Cruella cuts David and Mary Margaret and uses their blood to complete the resurrection spell. The stolen box was just a ruse to get them in the basement. Malificent takes shape in front of their eyes and promises to destroy everyone's happiness.
Emma finds Hook and tells him lying is not cool, but she's okay with whatever he did in the past with Ursula because it has nothing to do with their relationship. "I'm going to do what my parents do. They chose to see the best in people."

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and David are listening.


They say Malificent has been resurrected. Mary Margaret keeps quiet about her dark secret and instead feeds Emma this load of garbage to explain why the three witches are in Storybrooke. "We're heroes and they're villains. That's why they hate us."

Way to teach prejudice, Mary Margaret.

Baby Talk

After the failure at the Tree of Knowledge, Malificent pays Snow White a visit. She says she's pregnant as well, and they should work together to defeat the Evil Queen's curse for the sake of both their children. Snow White refuses to help because she'll never work with a villain again.

Mary Margaret meets with Regina and asks her to go under cover as a villain to undermine the three witches' plan to destroy everyone's happy ending. She tearfully asks Regina to keep her secret. Her big, big, big, secret.

This is it. Oh boy! I can't wait.

She and David are responsible for Malificent losing her baby.


Like losing in the forest or not being born because of the curse?

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold lurks outside the pawn shop and sees Belle kiss that Will guy.

Um. What?

Then we see Malificent take the pink bauble from Ursula. She attaches a piece from her necklace, then shakes it like a rattle and starts to cry.

Oh dear. Revenge will be doubled this season.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Once Upon A Time, Season 4 Episode 13 "Darkenss on the Edge of Town"

Or better title "Mr. Gold is Smart Everyone Else is Stupid"

Diabolical Plan Part 1

We've been wondering how the ole Dark One was going to finagle his way back into Storybrooke after Belle had banished him in the previous episode, "Heroes and Villains."
It's soon obvious he's going to reunite Ursula, Cruella and Maleficent as part of his diabolical plan.
But this isn't the first time these four have worked together. In a flashback Rumplestiltskin tricks the three dark witches into helping him break into a guarded cave that holds the curse that will give all of them what they want the most—their own happy ending.
Apparantly villains crave this kind of thing. I always thought they wanted revenge, wealth and power, but whatever.
However, after the three witches help him, Rumplestiltskin leaves with the magic, trapping the women with a black winged beast who feeds on the darkest hearts. We now know that Rumpelstitskin gave that curse to Regina which is what sent everyone to Storybrooke in the first place.

Hahaha! Dummies.
Back in Storybrooke, life gets boring back to usual; Henry is at school where Mary Margaret teaches, Emma is the Sheriff again, Regina takes back her title as Mayor, and Granny's pub/diner/Laundromat is still the only place in town to eat/drink/do laundry.
Oh, yeah, and Hook is all sweet for Emma. He buys her coffee and holds her hand.
#1. Since when did the students wear uniforms?
#2. Where did the school bus come from?
#3. And why isn't Granny concerned that Ruby's been missing this whole season????
Meanwhile, Mr. Gold convinces a down and out Ursula to help him track down Cruella. They find her on the cusp of bankruptcy. They all escape in her Rolls Royce and head toward Storybrooke where he promises they can use magic again and return to their evil ways.

Why do people keep trusting this guy?

I'll tell you why. Because Mr. Gold is smart and everyone else is stupid.
Belle finds an ancient spell that will free the fairies from the Sorcerer's Hat, but she's unable to translate. She uses the internet (you know because it's so safe) and luckily an Oxford professor provides her with the proper decoding. 

Regina uses the dagger to work the spell and while she frees the fairies (now dressed in their nuns attire), the dark winged creature escapes as well.
Uh-oh. That can't be good.
Mr. Gold brags to Ursula and Cruella that he posed online to Belle as an Oxford professor and gave her the spell that would free the fairies knowing that the beast would be released as well.

Diabolical Plan Part 2

Seeing his plan to create chaos is nicely underway he has Ursula call Regina on his cell phone. Ursulla lies and says she and Cruella have changed their ways and would like to live in Storybrooke as reformed villains, just like Regina.

Regina refuses to let them in, but when the dark winged creature starts reeking havoc, Ursulla tells her she's faced this beast before, and it won't stop until it finds the darkest heart. This information somehow makes Regina change her mind.

Conveniently, Emma remembers something about the Snow Queen's scroll and they hatch a plan. The creature takes off after Regina and Emma in the little yellow bug. They drive to the edge of Storybrooke and slam on the brakes at the last moment. The creature flies over the border and instantly disappears because magic doesn't exist in our world...or something.
As promised, Regina tosses the scroll over the line allowing Ursulla, Cruella, shh...and Mr. Gold, into Storybrooke: aka, haven for reformed evil doers.

Mission Accomplished!

But Mary Margaret and David are not excited about this development at all. They meet with the two witches and its obvious there is a secret all four share that could destroy Emma.


Mr. Gold brings attention to the fact that it was Emma Swan's heart the dark winged creature was after...not Regina's.

Does the Savior have the potential to become evil?



Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Bachelor Season 19, "The Women Tell All"

Or better title, "Cat Fight"

Grab a mojito and sit back, folks. It's The Women Tell All Episode.

*cue the big earrings and stilettos*

ABC shows all the stuff the girls said about each other, well, just the mean stuff because everyone loves CONFLICT.

Britt Vs. Carly

Britt takes a seat with the host and confronts Carly about all the back stabbing. There's crying and yelling and no one makes a point.

Carly says through tears, "I really could have ended up with Chris if it weren't for Carly."

Kelsey Has A Message For The Girls

The host, "Why do you think the girls dislike you so much."

Kelsey, "I've been told I'm condescending and I use big words. But I just want to be accepted and liked."

Ashley I. wears her emotions on her face. Her emotions are basically, confused, pissed off, and wtf?

Unfortunately, all the girls take turns putting Kelsey down. I have to say I'm impressed with how Kelsey expressed herself against the pack.

Jillian comes to her defence. And when you've got Jillian in your corner the odds are suddenly in your favour.

The interview ends with a lot of silence and sniffling.

Kelsey ends the interview with this. "Going on the show was my opportunity to grow and find love again."

Is Ashley S. Really Crazy?

We're going to finally learn the reason behind Ashley's unconventionally behavior.

The big secret is that she's goofy. "While everyone else is crying and fighting, I decided to pick pomegranates."

The host asks—no he begs her—to go on Bachelor Paradise...whatever that is.

Ashely only laughs. She may be cuckoo, but she's got enough brains to turn him down.

Does Kaitlyn Regret Opening Her Heart?
Kaitlyn says, "It's nice to know that I can love, but my heart is still aching. I think about Chris everyday since I last saw him."

Chris Gets In The Hot Seat

Britt comes up on stage and the audience drops to a hush when they hug.

Chris crushes any dreams corrects any misgivings she might have about his decision to let her go. "I didn't base my decision on what anyone told me. I went with my gut."

Kaitlyn asks him to explain why she didn't have any indication she would be leaving and if he loved her enough, why did he put her through the rose ceremony.

Chris says, "I had no idea what I was going to do at that moment. It was the best I could do."

Jade asks point blank if it was her Playboy photos that had influenced his decision. Plus, she was upset when she read his blog and he'd called her home town date 'disturbing'.

Dear Girls,

If your ex-boyfriend starts a blog, DO NOT READ IT!!!!

Instead, get on with your life.


Aunt Bethany

Chris stumbles through his words, Jade cries, and then they laugh...a bit.

The run the blooper reel and play a teaser for the finale next week and hint at the biggest scandal YET!

Psst...they always do that.

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