Friday 23 April 2021

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Sunday 1 November 2020

Night Shift Series in the Spotlight

I’m excited to announce the Night Shift series has been selected to be part of Wattpad’s Paid Stories program. This means that starting in November readers will be able to support this story by using coins to unlock sections of the novel. 

In preparation for the release the marketing team is revamping the covers to give them a jazzed-up style, and editorial is polishing and catching any stray typos. 

Wattpad readers have given me so much love and encouragement by reading and commenting, and this program is just another way to support my writing.  

For the last few years the Night Shift series has been enjoyed by a loyal following here on Wattpad, to which I will always be thankful. At this time, I feel the extra promotion provided by the Paid Stories program will help a broader range of readers discover these characters I adore. 

You can add find all three books here!

Sunday 23 August 2020

The One That Got Away

I'm thrilled to announce my latest publication, Why She Left

After ten years, Agatha returns home to attend her high school sweetheart's funeral, only to discover she's been given a second chance to fix the biggest mistake of her life—that's if she can convince her younger self. 

Why She Left is now available in the Wattpad Stars Anthology, The One That Got Away.

The Wattpad Stars have aligned to give you a perfect constellation of stories about “The One That Got Away”

We've all got one... the one that got away.

Come on a journey through this idea in all its forms as thirty writers from the Wattpad Stars Program explore tales of things lost, things found, and everything in-between. It's a collection  of harrowing and heartbreaking stories all written under that one premise. Now available! 

Thursday 19 March 2020

Reading Sample of Rogue Princess

Hi everyone,

We are living in uncertain times, aren't we. I hope you're all managing the restrictions and closures, and I hope you have someone you care about close by. I decided to do a sample reading of Rogue Princess for your auditory pleasure ;) 

Turn up the volume and grab a teacup of popcorn.

Friday 27 December 2019

Preorder Giveaway!!

ROGUE PRINCESS releases in less than 4 weeks (January 21, 2020)! That means it's time to kick off the preorder campaign. 

I'm so excited to share this swag with you guys, especially the original artwork postcard by the artist behind the beautiful cover, Audrey Estok.

All preorders and library requests will receive:

a bookmark
a signed bookplate
a personalized note
original artwork postcard

Super easy to enter!

Step 1. Order ROGUE PRINCESS from any vendor or your local library. 

Step 2. Email a screen shot of your receipt, plus your address to

Step 3. That's it! 

Open to US and Canada only.

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Preorder today from these sites:

Saturday 24 August 2019


Coming 21 January 2020 from Swoon Reads...  

A princess fleeing an arranged marriage teams up with a snarky commoner to foil a rebel plot in B. R. Myers' Rogue Princess, a gender-swapped sci-fi YA retelling of Cinderella.
Princess Delia knows her duty: She must choose a prince to marry in order to secure an alliance and save her failing planet. Yet she secretly dreams of true love, and feels there must be a better way. Determined to chart her own course, she steals a spaceship to avoid the marriage, only to discover a handsome stowaway. 
All Aidan wanted was to “borrow” a few palace trinkets to help him get off the planet. Okay, so maybe escaping on a royal ship wasn’t the smartest plan, but he never expected to be kidnapped by a runaway princess!
Sparks fly as this headstrong princess and clever thief battle wits, but everything changes when they inadvertently uncover a rebel conspiracy that could destroy their planet forever.

This amazing cover was designed by the very talented 

I can't wait to share this story with everyone. 

For my dream cast and playlist check out the Pinterest inspiration board here

Add it on Goodreads here.

Pre-order today from these sites:

Monday 28 January 2019

5 FREE Ways To Support Authors

1. Leave a review on Goodreads (or anywhere else).

It doesn't have to be long. You can even just say, "I loved it!"

2. Follow them on social media.

And for a bonus point say hi and let them know you really enjoyed their book. Never underestimate the power of casual encouragement. That author might receive your note on a day they decide to stop writing. 

3. Do a cool Instragram pic of the book!

Say how it gave you all the good feels. Don't forget your hashtags ;)

4. Tell a friend!

Yes, word of mouth is still a thing.

5. Ask your local library to order it in! 

This is awesome because it helps other people get access to the book as well. And did you know that authors get a small revenue when their books are in libraries? Yes, it's true. So order away, friends!

This is the public library in my home town of Halifax. 
Isn't it gorgeous!

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